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How To Make a Website For Free Hosting / Domain / WordPress / cPanel – Website Sources

Making a website is just a work of 5 minutes in this generation, most of the people pay for their website hosting and domain for better production of their company, but as a beginner using FREE hosting and domain is a better choice, so we are going to talk about on this topic.

What’s the best FREE Hosting provider?

Obviously, Infinityfree

Website Link:

  1. Unlimited almost everything
  2. No Ads
  3. High Speed
  4. 100% Uptime
  5. Fully Functional cPanel
  6. Easy WordPress Setup
  7. Free SSL
  1. Can suspend the account without notice if you violate terms or illegal activity

What’s the best FREE Domain provider?

Obviously, Freenom

Website Link:

  1. Unlimited Free Domain Claiming
  2. Faster, 100% Uptime
  3. Fully Functional
  4. 12 Months Free, can be renewed again for free
  1. Free Domains are only limited to: .tk, .ml, .gq, .cf, .ga
  2. Free Domains has a bad reputation on the internet
  3. Automatically remove domains that are not being used for months
  4. Can suspend if used as abuse too much


Conclusion: So if you want to start from zero these are the best sources you can apply, this not a post of instructions we have provided only sources here, it is almost easy to setup a website with these sources but still if you can’t simply just find out on YouTube there’s a lot of tutorial of these.

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