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Windows First Aid – How To Fix Windows Errors in 5 Minutes Easy Without Any Software (Effective)

Errors in Windows are common and also very disgusting, we often get triggered and careless to these errors and just can’t figure out how to fix it quickly. This post will give you the best effective solution.


Firstly, Go To SEARCH and type ”RUN” and open it:


Type: MSCONFIG, Click ”OK” to Open MSCONFIG


Now follow these steps, it will disable all the third-party startup software programs that start with your boot

Note: make sure first you select Hide all Microsoft services then disable all, do not disable Microsoft services

Now ”Restart” your PC, it will help to stop any unwanted software programs, that causing errors running automatically in the background or any potential virus and malware.


Now in the next boot, go to SEARCH again and type: CMD

Open it with administrator privileges


On the CMD type: sfc/scannow


After typing sfc/scannow press ”ENTER” on your keyboard, then it will start scanning and fixing any corrupted or missing system files

After it completes 100% then Restart your PC.

After next boot, go to settings and click on ”CHECK FOR UPDATE” if needed


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